Join ao Strategies upcoming webinar, 
Approaches to Helping Disability Organizations Renew and Sustain 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at 
2:00 pm ET, 1:00 PM CST, 12:00 pm MT, and 11:00 am PT

ao Strategies is the leading consulting and technical assistance firm for disability organizations in the United States. Join ao Strategies founder, Dr. Ann Cameron Williams, PhD, and other key members of the ao Strategies Team Alliance as they present the array of ao's approaches that help disability organizations address challenges in teamwork, productivity, HCBS alignment, and revenue generation.

ao Strategies has launched a new way of helping disability organizations move through change. It's effective, time and cost efficient, and informed by realities that are unique to every organization. In this one hour webinar, we'll be covering these approaches: 

- ao's Optimal Performance Advantage. A process of aligning with HCBS Final Rule that leverages the power of in person, remote, and on-line supports. Subscription based. Measurable.

- ao's RECALIBRATE. A process of delving into workflow issues with key people in disability organizations and resolving them for higher productivity and happiness.

- ao's Revenue Generation: We help your organization advance revenue generation strategies, products, and outcomes.

- Creative Abundance Model: need to transform your sheltered workshop? ao can help. And more...

ao Strategies.

The trusted consulting firm that is helping disability organizations renew and sustain. How? 

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